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Firstly when it comes to making an initial payment for your stair lift rental, it will be a lot cheaper then the actual price of purchasing one. Also because you are paying a regular monthly fee which will often include the cost of having the device installed in your home makes it a much more viable option compared to purchasing one all at once. This is very important for the elderly as often they do not have enough money available to enable them to purchase a stair lift outright, especially if they are going to use the stair lift for less then 2 years.

In renting a stair lift, you should look ahead to paying a deposit. The deposit costs typically consists of the initial installation, the power supply, maintenance, the removal charge when the stair lift is no longer needed and the expense for the first three months. Subsequent to three months, you will be paying a monthly fee depending on the lift type and rail length.

Stair lift rentals are available for the regular straight stair lifts only. 20 feet limit only. 

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Many people are thinking whether to just purchase a stair lift or to opt for a stair lift rental. Of course, if you come to think of it, renting will cost you less. This is the first thing that you should consider, especially if you will need lift for short period of time.


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